Nothing much…

The progress kind of slowed down in these days and there’s nothing really “new” and fresh, besides books.
Books won’t be read as “messages” but more like “Skyrim’s style” with a book’s image and the possibility to turn pages, of course the image of the book is a single one, the actual books are txt files (so to avoid a drastic increase of game’s size and, should it happen, an easy way to eventually translate/edit them).

Other than books, as mentioned before, nothing really new, just continued the “Red/Leaf wannabe” plot stories until Cerulean City so far, and that’s where I’ll probably stop for Release 2 for those two plots, of course I’ll have to continue the other plot stories as well before the release 2 will be released.

See you on next update!


What about being a Gym Leader?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been continuing, little by little, Pokémon + and hopefully I’ll have a release 2 soon (still a long way to go right now), other than continuing the first three plots, I’ve added some new ones as well, one of which is “You won’t have my badge” which is basically a Gym Leader plot Mini-game (not forever!).


(Notice Clair’s reference, I actually hated her for running off with my badge!)

It doesn’t yet have all the planned features but just a few to show what’s going on, which are:

  • (Very few!) Decorations (all of them can be interacted with at some point);
  • Possibility to change gym’s soundtrack (It may get tiring hearing the same thing over and over);
  • Random spawning of trainers (No battles yet, need to add some more important stuff first);
  • (Very basic!) Auto-path, so you can run off with the badge and they can chase you.

You can view a video showing those features here:

See you on the next update!


This is my first post in the blog, which was made to keep note of the progresses of my (small fan-made) projects, both for myself and for the few people interested in them.

The first project I started recently together with the blog is a fan-made game about Pokémon, fan-made means it’s going to be made for fun and because I love the series, it’s going to explore all the wishes I ever had about the games ever since I started playing them (More story together with other possibilities, what if instead of being a trainer, I’d be a gym leader? or even a simple fisher?).
Because It’s made for fun in my free time and because I’m alone and inexperienced, it’s going to be pretty simple, nothing fancy or unique.

The project is called “Pokémon +”, a pretty simple (and unoriginal/uncreative?) title for a simple game, the title has a meaning though, the plus stands for the fact that the game won’t have a single story but many “all in one”, which at the very end will intersect as they all stand on a single timeline.

As for now, it’s still in early progress, with only 1 release, composed of 3 stories, which in total are about 50 minutes of gameplay and many bugs (not game-breaking as far as I know) which are going to be fixed along the way.

Thanks for your time in reading this my first post and I hope it was interesting enough to keep you interested for the next updates.